Lavender – a purple

Lavender. Indica x sativa.
Even though this strain is indica and sativa, I find the high to be calming and light. I tend to favor strains with higher CBD as opposed to THC. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, a higher CBD content releases a lot of anxiety that can trigger my asthma attacks. This Lavender strain relaxes without “couch lock” or a strong body high.
Because of it’s indica genes, the plant does not typically grow very tall, but with an extended veg cycle, the plant will produce taller bushes and colas.

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Family Feud: Name something that gets passed around

Marijuana, medical and recreational, is everywhere nowadays. This was posted on YouTube by FamilyFued. Hahaha They surveyed 100 people and asked, “name something that gets passed around.”

This guys says, “A joint!”

I can’t believe it and neither could the host, Steve Harvey.  He didn’t think anyone the Family Feud speaks to would be an advocate of Marijuana.  Wrong again, Steve!

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How to Catapult Marijuana over the border

This should be how NOT to catapult marijuana over the border. Some drug smugglers were caught at the mexican border by the National Guard. The smugglers were using a catapult to launch huge packages of marijuana into the US. We’ve seen some pretty sneaky tactics with tunnels and trojan horse type moves, but this is just crazy. It’s like they were medicating while watching Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoons and tried to duplicate an ACME catapult. The National Guard filmed the smugglers in action using the catapult then immediately busted them. Watch the catapult in action in this surveillance video they shot.

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Medical Marijuana Stealth Grow Box

This is a stealth grow box for some Casey Jones medical marijuana.  This Casey Jones is 4 weeks old.  Casey Jones is a sativa dominant hybrid.  The point of this is the stealth grow box and it is great to Grow Weed.  It’s an innovative design inside of a filing cabinet.  What do you think?

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Video Dr. Dre – Kush ft. Snoop Dogg and Akon

The new song and music video by Dr. Dre. It’s called Kush. Hmmm… I wonder what he means? It features Dr. Dre with Snoop Dogg and Akon.


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Orange Crush

I used to smoke this stuff all day during the college days with the homies. My buddy, code named Goofy, used to sell this exact strain during his undergrad days, and so many of my good memories are tied with the orange crush. Stuff smells like orange peels, has neon green/orange hues to the bud, and smokes with a citrusy goodness similar to blue dream.

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Pre 93 Bubba Kush

I have found the ever elusive Bubba kush. Because bubba kush / master kush buds tend to be very prone to mildew in their genetics, I am very impressed whenever I find properly done bubba. I’ve been to many dispensaries lately, and all these douchebags can’t differentiate between mildew and crystals – saying their moldy ass weed is “crystally.” Please. Don’t make me laugh. Pre 93 Bubba. This is the real deal. Smells like an oak tree/mother earth and tastes incredible. Wow, good stuff.

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Super NYC Diesel

Holy cow. I’ve always been a fan of Sour Diesel, but never really took it seriously because the nugs are always poofy, sparse, and in my opinion seems like a jacked up version of OG kush. Not stuff stuff. Nugs are monstrosities – huge in size, and NEON green in color. The nug is so gooey and dense that it doesnt leave your fingers when you break it open. Oh yeah, and it stinks like OG. I figure if it stinks like OG but is called Sour Diesel, you have a winner. If it smells like Sour Diesel and is called OG, walk away and buy elsewhere :) .

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Lavender Haze

Stuff reminds me of some super silver haze from way back in the day. Nugs are ROCK HARD and all uniform in size, roughly the size of a tootsie roll. There’s this look about haze family buds that is so prominent in this lavender, and has a sweet aroma mixed with the sharp zing characteristic of purple. Stuff is frosty as hell. I think this is a hybrid, as it just gets me stoned up and down.

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Jack Herer

Yum. Nugs are ridiculously sticky and every small nuglet is poofy and about to burst with tricombs. Jack Herer is a favorite of mine, with enough punch behind its Sativa belt to put down the pickiest of Indica connisseurs. Nugs are neon green with bright orange hairs, with frost that sits on top of shimmering tricombs.

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